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Frequently Asked Questions

-How much does divorce cost?
Well, "it depends." I don't mean to be vague, but the truth is you can do your own uncontested divorce using the self-help center for  just the cost of filing your divorce documents in San Diego County: $435; you could each hire a seasoned family law specialist, involve multiple experts, refuse to settle any of your issues out of court, and collectively spend hundreds of thousands of dollars on your divorce, or you could mediate your divorce. Those who mediate with Leave Strong, usually leave with bragging rights that they spent less than $2,500 to get divorced.
-How long will my divorce take in San Diego County?
You can get a divorce in California in 6 months, plus one day from the date your spouse was served with your divorce paperwork. You can't get divorced any faster than that, but, if you each hire lawyers to litigate your divorce, it will take you significantly longer. The good news is, most couples who choose Leave Strong Divorce Services to mediate their divorce, come to a Marital Settlement Agreement within 7-10 hours. 
-I already have a mediator, can you help me?
Yes! In addition to working as a mediator with couples, I also work as a divorce coach for those who want help behind the scenes. Perhaps it's the emotional chaos and paralysis that is preventing you from working your way through your list of things to do, perhaps you need a "seeing eye dog" to guide your through the legal terminology, and maze of documents you find confounding, perhaps you want help finding your voice, or at least your voice of reason, while mediating, or perhaps you just want a confidential and professional check-in partner to ease and accelerate your passage through this life changing process. 
-How does mediation actually work?
First you will interview me. The two of you need to decide if I am the mediator who is right for you. Assuming we are proceeding, we will have a 2 hour "Groundwork Session".You will have some homework to do. Typically, once the groundwork is done and the disclosures have been made, I can mediate your divorce in 2 three hour sessions.I prepare all your divorce paperwork. You never go to court. Mediation with Leave Strong is usually completed in 7-10 hours over 30-45 days.
-Is mediation right for my divorce?
The short answer is yes. There is no divorce that is too difficult to mediate. There are people who refuse to mediate and there are mediators who do not have the skills your case may require to effectively mediate. Choose carefully. The key to your successful mediation is the right mediator.  About 1% of all divorce case in San Diego County actually go to trial. What does that mean? Virtually all cases conclude with a negotiated agreement, rather than a judicial pronouncement. The only difference between those who mediate from the outset, and those who litigate, is the amount they squander on legal fees before they reach a negotiated agreement. After all, mediation is simply a facilitated negotiation.
-Why would I use a divorce coach?
A divorce coach might sound like a luxury you can ill afford, when your divorce is already going to be an unplanned expense, but  it's a benefit that can literally save you thousands of dollars in unnecessary legal fees and ease the stressload you are under. As a former trial attorney turned divorce mediator, I have the professional training and experience, as well as the emotional distance, you are lacking. Coaching helps you avoid costly mistakes and years of regret. As your divorce coach, you will have a confidential voice of reason to accelerate you through this maze.