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Frequently Asked Questions

-Do you help after divorce with co-parenting and other issues?
  • Yes! Absolutely!!
  • Your marriage may not have been for life, but divorce is, and co-parenting is about acknowledging and managing relationships as circumstances as they continue to evolve.
-When is the best time to hire you to be my Coach?
  • The earlier the better for you: Clients often say: “I wish I had known about you in the beginning, before this conflict and the legal fees got so out of hand!”
  • I work with women from the contemplation stage through divorce and recovery.
-What is the value of having a divorce coach?
  • You will accelerate your divorce process, get organized, prioritize, schedule tasks and avoid the paralysis that often accompanies this process.
  • I will ensure you do not squander precious resources and engage in no win battles that escalate conflict, victimize you and do long term damage.
  • I am the voice of reason and a safe confidential place to work through the complex decision making that will be demanded of you.
  • You will save tens of thousands of dollars of the family’s pool of resources by not engaging in no-win battles.
-I see you have a law degree, do you give legal advice?
  • I do not give legal advice as I am not licensed to practice law.
  • I do bring a legally trained mind and a mediator’s collaborative training to my coaching which means I ensure you are asking the right questions, accumulating and organizing the necessary documentation and are ready to face the questions that will be asked of you in this often confounding process.
-Where do you coach?
  • I coach across North America by phone or Skype. All you need is access to a confidential phone line or internet.
  • I live in San Diego County and maintain an office at 2777 Jefferson Street, Suite D, Carlsbad, CA 92008 for those who prefer to meet with me in person.
-What do you do as divorce coach?
  • I empower, support, and inform you so you can create a divorce plan that will accelerate you through your divorce process in an organized, cost-conscious manner
  • I decipher the language of the law; guide the choices that will move you forward.
  • I help you determine what kind of divorce services you are going to need and I ensure you are referred to lawyers or other experts in a timely manner.
  • I often work collaboratively with the team I help you build to keep you stay on track
-What do you do as divorce mediator?
  • I meet with couples together to determine if they are willing to openly share all of their financial information as full disclosure is necessary for me facilitate your negotiations
  • If you need the assistance of experts to resolve valuation of assets, determination of self-employed earnings and or a legal opinion from a Family Law Specialist to resolve an issue of Law I refer you to the experts to get the information you need to begin meaningful negotiations
  • If you have children I help you to work out a parenting plan that takes into account the needs of the children, the schedules of the parents and other consideration. Some of you may need the help of a therapist or a referral to a co-parenting program to facilitate an agreement.
  • I draft the MSA (Marriage Settlement Agreement) you have negotiated and agreed to and have you each obtain independent legal advice before finalizing your agreement.
  • I prepare all of your divorce documents if you live in San Diego County so you never have to appear in court.
-How can I protect my kids?
-How long will my divorce take?
-How much is divorce going to cost me?